With schools, colleges and universities, safety and security are the first two considerations that must be addressed when designing a security system, but there are a multitude of ways ARENA Systems can help make your institution a safer and more efficient place to be in.

Educational organisations operate in dynamic and complex environments, often involving significant numbers of people working with expensive equipment in large, multi-room buildings across sprawling campuses; plenty of opportunity for accidents, vandalism, theft and operational inefficiencies.

By monitoring and controlling every aspect of the environment that your teachers and students work in – not simply using CCTV and access control, but also overseeing the lighting, heating and water infrastructure – ARENA Systems is confident that our input will not only protect you from criminal activity and help enforce health and safety requirements, but will also make your workplace more energy efficient, thus save countless thousands of dollars a year in energy costs, which is great for the environment, too.

“In short, our security systems will allow teaching staff to concentrate on what they do best – to teach, and students to do what they are there for – to learn, in a safe and healthy environment.”


Security, or intrusion protection, is not an option for most businesses – it’s a requirement mandated by insurance companies. Our function in this sphere is to protect areas or items of high value, starting at the perimeter and working in to the most critical areas of your business. For some, this could be the server room, for others the stock room.

Whatever or whomever is of value to your business, ARENA Systems will identify it and protect it.

Your staff are your greatest asset. Their safety and wellbeing should be a priority, whatever your business. This where ARENA Systems’ use of Access Control equipment and CCTV comes into play – both of which can be integrated into our primary security systems.

We can monitor and control any number of functions and operations carried out by your staff, from mustering for evacuations, to time and attendance for payroll. Our CCTV systems will deter people from doing what they shouldn’t.

ARENA Systems protects both sides – you as a business owner, and your employees (or any on-site contractors)

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If it can be seen or measured, we can monitor it. If it can be monitored, we can control it. If we can control it, we can help your business become safer, more secure, and ultimately, more efficient. This includes lighting, heating, doors, and aircon – all of which can be operated remotely, or by a timer, or by motion or sensor control systems, thus saving your business – and the environment – countless amounts of energy.

Large or small, hot or cold, fast or slow, ARENA Systems will have a solution to monitor and control your key operational functions.

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