If it can be seen or measured, we can monitor it. If it can be monitored, we can control it. If we can control it, we can help your business become safer, more secure, and ultimately, more efficient.

This includes lighting, heating, doors and aircon – all of which can be operated remotely, or by a timer, or by motion or sensor control systems, thus saving your business – and the environment – countless amounts of energy. We can even put cameras or monitoring devices within essential machinery to check it is functioning correctly and efficiently, and also monitor for wear and tear, thus saving on downtime or, in some cases, preventing catastrophic failure.

ARENA Systems has the capability to install equipment that can control whole buildings or campuses, right down to individual workstations and specific pieces of equipment.

Operational Functions 2 (Deepnew)

“We look at the big picture to solve small problems. Large or small, hot or cold, fast or slow, ARENA Systems will have a solution to monitor and control your key operational functions.”